About Us

At RECOF DATA Corporation, our mission is to provide a high-quality M&A database with reliability and confidence helping the entities to realize M&A strategy of their own merits and also leading M&A industry more accelerated in the end. We have a vision to be dedicated to the industrial growth in Japan. We are specialist in provision, development and consultancy of M&A related database.

What we are doing

At RECOF DATA Corporation, we have been generating the most updated M&A database based on the reliable sources for the entire period back to 1985. We are proud that it is one of the longest histories of M&A database in Japan.

-In April 2008, RECOF DATA Corporation was born as a fellow subsidiary of RECOF Corporation to focus both of publishing function and data-provision business of RECOF Corporation.
■Since 1987 when RECOF Corporation established, RECOF has been assisting its clients in realizing their corporate strategies by proposing and executing a wide range of domestic and cross-border M&A transactions as an independent M&A boutique pioneer in Japan. At the same time, RECOF has also kept integrated intelligent information into in-house M&A database. In its early stage, this intelligent asset of database was just for internal use only. But we changed our minds to release it as a common asset to the public to facilitate M&A to be diffused more actively.
■ RECOF started publishing the first edition of M&A trade journal, namely "MARR" in January 1995. Now "MARR" has widely acknowledged as a unique magazine for a professional use of business, university and research institution.
■In 2002, RECOF started provision of internet data service through Nikkei-Telecom.
■In 2006, RECOF started to provide digital information of 'MARR M&A DATA CD-ROM', which now gains remarkable reputation from the industries and the researchers owing to its strong and useful look-up and reference function. -In 2008, RECOF DATA Corporation received all existing functions of publishing & database and the intelligent assets as described above from RECOF Corporation. Based on such inheritance, now RECOF DATA Corporation accumulates all M&A basic data as from 1985 up until right now to reach the size of more than 40,000 cases. More widely than this, to cope with specific requests from the users, an extensive range of M&A-related data collection, for example, facts & data regarding stock-buying of subsidiary by parent company, spin-out/company split, holding company, protective measurement and movement of funds…are systematically gathered, analyzed and added to our basic lines now.
■In addition, in September 2010, RECOF DATA Corporation launched M&A information data site, "MARR Online" to strive for diversification of information and improvement in convenience.

We strongly believe that we are now capable enough to provide the highest quality information and consultancy services to any clients at any level of diversification and any ad-hoc functions they need.

What we will do

-As from May 2010, we will launch into provision of a new service, namely 'RECOF M&A Database' based on internet platform, allowing all clients to gain widely extended area of newly added information field plus new lines of M&A related information criteria. No doubt this new product will render more quality service than ever with maximum flexibility, user-friendliness and speedy function that will support and enhance strong and quick future growth of not only strategic entities but also of M&A industry and markets in Japan.

Corporate Name

RECOF DATA Corporation


April 01, 2008


RECOF M&A Database
RECOF M&A Database is the most reliable M&A database in Japan carrying M&A information of Japanese firms and industry covering very extensive scope of professional criteria. This is structured on the basis of a large platform of more than 40,000 cases since 1996. Every day it keeps adding the newest information. It includes variety of widely-spread M&A-related information. It offers user-friendly searching and calculating functions.

M&A journal, "MARR"
We are publishing the monthly edition of M&A journal, "MARR", focusing on M&A issues in Japan. This is uniquely edited to cover 'Statistics and Data' of which scope is always for the period of one-month before inclusive. This section contains information of the protective measurements, the fund-related facts and movements. In the section of 'Reports', readers can look at some interesting interviews to the top-executives, the useful suggestions and opinions from the professors, the rich and qualified analytical reports on M&A legal regulations and accounting practice Issues.

M&A information site, "MARR Online"
We are managing a M&A information site, "MARR Online", offering daily M&A related news and 'Reports' on "MARR".

Other services of information supply of M&A data
Through "Nikkei-Telecom21", we offer general M&A data, within-group type M&A, company split/spin-off, and the protective measurements.

President and CEO

Yuko Yoshitomi

Head office

Kandasudacho Place Bldg. 1-9 Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0041 Japan
TEL  :81-(3)6371-1210
FAX  :81-(3)5296-9515

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